Saturday, December 17, 2005

17th Dec - Today's D day

Hubby and myself were like little kids this morning, we got out of bed and were talking about how our precious little girl will surprise us with her performance. And my hubby had to ask me upteen times, do you know what is she going to dance? I asked her for an exclusive sneak preview but she didn't give in. Even when I tried bribing her with foods; she ate them and refused to dance. Argh! Goon goon mother!!
We arrived at Bedok Lutheran Church at 9.45am and we had to settle for quite far back seating.
Upon arriving at the church, photos of the full dress rehearsal were displayed outside and inside the foyer. It costs $2 for 5R photos (make good $) and this year she has more photos so I ended up cutting down on all the quantity to 1 each. Still.. I paid close to $30 .
The Year end Concert cum Graduation 2005 started at 6 minutes late, 10.06am. And I began to realise the "my friend, my friend" my girl has been telling me about is one of the graduands and I haven't gotten the slightest idea of his name. But if I'm going through the concert pamphlet correctly, he should be Ebenezer Koh.
The concert started about half an hour later and my girl's performance is the 5th one. 3rd performance was done by N1 Hope, which is the playgroup (aged 18 months to 2 yrs). I remember there were alot of kids in that class so what happened to the rest of them?? Click on the icons below to view the videos.
N1 Hope- Give Me Joy
The "too excited me" was like switching between camera and video camera on the video cam I was holding. That the front portion of her performance was recorded wrongly on the card. Thank goodness for the second part I switched back. She looked so mature and kawaii. Yup! Jiajun was not there... and a few others. Hubby felt that there's nothing much to her dance this year, "only standing there and action action." I felt the same way too.
During the second half (Her Dance Part 2) of her dance she suddenly noticed my brother and me were standing there, she was quite distracted after that as she kept looking towards her left.
Her dance Part 1
Her dance Part 2
The rests of the performance was so-so. The performance by K2 we thought was quite usual until the children start picking up their hula hoops and dance. Much to the cheering crowd and everyone's leaning forward to watch it, the performance made everyone ALIVE after that.
K2 Praise - huan le hu la hu
Two other performances after that and it was the finale. Again, she was looking at us. Then she started looking for people she know. She finally saw grandma and was mouthing " ma-ma, my ma-ma." See if you can catch her mouthing that.
Finale Song- I Will Rejoice
Notes : I think she did a good job and no doubt she was enjoying herself. All these... and she had no appetite for breakfast this morning; was coughing quite badly. As we all expected it she was very tired in the car and when we got home after lunch she fell asleep for a good whole 5 hours.

Funny thing that happened : Dua-gu was pointing out to all the children in the photos and she was naming them. Then when he pointed out to Braxton, she asked "Braxton is your.. what?" My cute girl answered "my boyfriend." We had a good laugh.

As we walked down the steps we caught sight of Melia and Braxton playing so I wanted to snap shots of them. I love it coz' they were all hugging so tightly and the adults were afraid that they might fall. Kids are kids.

Verdict post-performance :
1) She always has that smiley face when she's dancing. She's one kid that needs encouragement and nudging, it's a real wonder that she has no signs of stage fright and still smiles so nicely.
2) No doubt the glittery thing is nice but we can't see it on stage. And what I hate about glitters is the difficulty in removing them. Washed her hair for a long time and still can see something shiny.

PS. Photos has been linked to this blog on your right.Enjoy!

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