Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cleaning up

The night before every next day's PSLE paper I would clear the exam papers and assesment books. Everyday, I see heaps and heaps of papers cleared from my room and it sure feels G.R.E.A.T. My head feels lighter with each passing day and crossing out dates; my vision in the room gets better.
Makes me wonder how that small size room can contain so many stuffs.

29th Sep :  This is the second stack where I cleared even more, two days ago I sold some to the garang-guni man. 
Those that I think I can keep for Aricia, I put them in a stack. I waited for about 11 days later (11th October) after she gets her deserved break and I get my boxes from brother, I assigned the free girl to help segregate some materials. Those are the materials which I had lumped together for her final revision. She had to put them back accordingly to primary level so that mei-mei can use it especially Science notes. 
I even got rid some of mei-mei's Primary 2 textbooks. I don't think she needs them anymore since she's doing revisions now.

As at 26th Oct : Cleared the side cabinets of some papers and mei-mei's P2 assessment books.
For the past 3 days I assign the girl to help me. She reads her book, sits infront of computer and scanner while I busy myself with revision with mei-mei. Alot of P5 and P6 stuffs to scan. Housekeeping in the hard disk is another thing!!  

Decluttering / Tidying Up
I get really frustrated when the girls mess up faster than I can tidy. My pair of hands can barely keep up with their two pairs of hands. Somehow I finally have the skill to live with my eyes half-closed. I cleared some of che-che's clothes on the 12th and still more to clear. I need to clear shoes. 
I hope I can clear alot of stuffs before we move. I have to keep telling my family members and friends not to buy anything for us coz' we have far too many things, it'll take years before I will use their presents. Aiyoh! How to tell them more firmly? 

I'm tired, I think I should really get a part-timer to help clean the house. But I have a feeling I'll sack her as soon as I start her coz I'm quite fussy about how my house is to be cleaned.

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