Thursday, October 2, 2014

Children's Day gifts

This is the last Children's Day gifts I'm giving che-che's friends. No more! I think for mei-mei's friends next time I'll just do a generic one, no need personalisation. I run out of ideas!

It wasn't easy to decide what to get the girls without burning a big hole in my pocket. I love personalised notepads but x40.... it's $$$! Name stickers - too childish. Finally I decided that the anti-dust plug might be really useful. Most girls have a handphone, a smart phone!! Rich gals!

After shopping in Aliexpress and DHGate for mei-mei's birthday favor, I was so hooked in this bulk purchase thing. Needless to say, an easier way was thought out and I made my charms purchase in there.

It's really beautiful except for the long gold chain, which I have no idea what it is for except to sling in on wrist but it's too long. Loving simplicity, I took out the chains and put in the alphabet charms on, carefully without tarnishing the colours off.
The charms are in different colours. I placed an order for silver owls, therefore ordered silver alphabet charms from another seller. Then I received emails that silver are out of stock. Seller managed to convince me that gold and silver do match. The photos on their website don't do any justice, the owls look nice but it's nicer when I held it closer to see.
*sorry for the horrid pictures. They were taken in the night, while girls sleeping I'm busy     

After assembling the owls, it was time to personalise the backing. Initially I had wanted to buy new cellophane bags and then do all the measurements and make the cards. But then I looked at the pristine condition of the actual packaging it came in,so I worked around the measurements of the cards. Printed and pasted on my hard paper. I junked the original backings away, leaving only a few to use the slit as a stencil and cut on my new backings. Smart right?

Rainbow theme = good luck = good wishes ..... yup somewhere along that line.   

Packed into different bigger bags (different letters) for easy distribution
Keeping to the rainbow theme. I wanted to patronize my friend's shop getting all the rainbow colours candies and packed them up + tagging but unfortunately time was not on my side. I was really tired from all the late nights, on one of my grocery run I chanced upon this mentos and decided that this would make my job easier. Sorry Wen! I'll shop another day. 

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