Tuesday, June 22, 2010


2ith the school hols coming to an end this week before the mad "you don't get to hear or see me" rush begins for Term 3. I planned a play date for her school girls. The name list could have go on but I had to stop somewhere..before my girl ends up inviting half her classmates. Ha! I think I'm real biased. Poor Aricia don't get a chance for a playdate with her friends. I should do so one day. The weather had been really unpredictable. Hot on one day and flood the next day. I wasn't going to bake for sure, I'd have melted in the heat. The next best idea would be to do something where we all can hide in the study room - make Teacher's Day cards.
Che-che was really excited and kept talking about it the night before. She even suggested I bento for the kids. Huh? No time to bento for 1 kid, how to bento for 8 kids? Then adults leh? Pizza and that's it.

As usual, snacks were displayed.
Lesson learnt : Kids don't like soya bean. I bought soya bean and milo for the kids. Displayed the soya bean and when offered; KZ notice their grin. We offered Milo and soon the kids were asking for that. Ha!

The kids came and played first.

Had lunch - this group hor.... don't really like pizza? We embarked on card-making on schedule. Initially I had planned to separate the group into 2 - the other group would do chocolate-moulding. But thanks to the extended long table in the room. Everyone can fit into the comfortable room. I was being too ambitious thinking that 1 1/2 hrs should be enough to make 3 cards each. Nope! Extended time to 2 1/2hrs.

Athena only made 2 cards. Never mind, we still need to prepare a few more another day
Maxine's cards
Sophia's cards
Andrianna's cards
Amanda's cards

Bonita's cards
Had tea break.
* Lesson learnt : never prepare too much food. The kids are more interested in playing than anything else. Special thanks to all the mummies who brought snacks along though there's no need. Everyone carried back alot of food. Don't want also no choice had to force them to take home otherwise it'll be wasted!

Jelly sponsored by Maxine's mummy
Pastries sponsored by Amanda's and Isabella's mummy. I bought pandan cakes, chocolate chiffon cakes (not photographed here). Sophia's mummy sponsored bread which is not photographed here. Andrianna's mummy sponsored snacks - which the kids took and ate it in the room as well as some ice-cream
The adults were chatting while the kids were more engrossed in playing. These are some snapshots of the kids playing; screaming. They were playing ?? Had no idea but they sounded like they had alot of fun so I don't care
These 2 girls liked it better playing by themselves in the studyroom.

The kids also used che-che's Hello Kitty makeup. My poor little Aricia came out looking so wayang-like. 2 of other kids came out too with makeup.Haha!

The kids then embarked on last chocolate-moulding. Didn't give them much choice. Took out exactly 8 different moulds for kids to do, otherwise I'd have kids fighting for "I want this and that". Suggested that they can do on one mould each and then do exchange with another friend for hers.

Mei-mei wanted to do it as well, so let her be. She's got chocolate on her face. Ha!

I quickly put the chocolates in the fridge, the kids ate their ice-cream
The girls had fun playing together; letting their hair down before new term starts the next week. One last shot for the playdate.
Thanks girls and ladies for the wonderful time.

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