Friday, June 25, 2010

Grumbles grumbles

Four weeks of hols slipped by in a wink of an eye.

I look back and wonder what constuctive things my kids have done? What quality things have I done together with my kids? Sadly, this school holidays I could have brought them out more often but I didn't. I spent their holidays cleaning up the house - VERY GOOD QUALITY SUPER CLEAN HOUSE. Tsk tsk! Bad mummy. So you see, not that I can't live without a helper; not that I'm too dependent on one; not that I'm so bloody useless to cope but the fact is .............. I want to do best for everything so in the end I slave myself to death.smiley icons. Household chores have taken control of meindifferent smileysjust like this toilet bowl has pulled me in. But first - I must scrub the toilet bowl clean with bleach + use toothbrush to clean small nooks and corners. See lah! Die also must die in glory and cleanliness!

So exactly how tidy and clean I try to maintain my house everyday? Those who've been to my house will know. The only mess I could remember then was mei-mei's home session box outside on the TV console which is kept in the storeroom before any parties or playdates. I walk past my neighbours' house everyday, I see their things stashed around everywhere. Not that I'm boasting, my house is considered very clean & tidy for a family with 2 young kids already. Even a friend who did a surprise visit to my house during the school hols was surprised with the standard of cleanliness around the house.

In a few hours, the kids will get up ready for school. Her school uniform had been pressed neatly at the start of the school holiday, shoes whitened, schoolbag packed. Everything done? Nope..............I forgot to sharpen her pencils!!!! Wah .... panic panic .... whoever created the battery-operated sharpener - I love you!! - you practically hear the 'gee......gee......gee.......'

Her mood?
She wasn't spare much during the hols. (Had loads of homework from the school which was completed before we flew off. Except for Chinese homework which was loaded into the webpage later, so we came back from hols and did the work after that. Che-che had to do some work for me too.) The momentum was there, there was still that daily regime. Mom's a killer!

Of course I did bring them out jalan-jalan on some days. But there are things which I had wanted to do with them but I wasn't left with much Mondays and Tuesdays.

1) I was in Parkway before the Princess makeover was officially open, they were doing the setup everything. That was in the morning after we dropped mei-mei in school we had breakfast in KFC and saw. Secretly I told myself I am going to find a day to bring them for this - they're afterall girls and all girls want to be a Princess. Okay, but I will not say anything.... Darn! Not achieved! That carriage was there past how many midnights and no sign of my kids queuing up for photoshoot.
2) Che-che did ask to go to East Coast Macs after the last one we did in last year's school hols. She said "mummy, next school holiday you bring me ok?" I did promise her, I felt bad but she forgot. ?!?!?!
3) Zoo or Birdpark. If I ever found the time to bring them there for the full day, my house would look as messy as a pigsty- no need to go zoo to see that.
4) Jacob Ballas, Vivo City - I was just dreaming big time

Okay, I hope I fare better the next long school hols. Muah hahaha... by then I'll start panicking and prepare her for P3's work.

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