Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm a murderer!! But I'd like to push the responsibility to mom, bro, sis etc... who helped to fish-sit for me when we went for our holiday. (hahaha!) And it was more hunchbacked when fishy fishy was brought back home. I didn't see it coming that its time was almost up.

Fishy fishy had been doing real well, KZ had been taking great care of fishy fishy. She speaks to the fish..........when she's gone and in my care - I KILLED IT!!!

RIP fishy fishy. Thank you for the wonderful days swimming around and around the small tank, making me dizzy. Thank you for brightening up the living area. Thank you for giving my 2 kids some responsibility.

Must admit I didn't want anymore fish coz' KZ's doing the cleaning for us. I am so lazy to do it and thought it'd be a good time to stop keeping fish. But I'm so used to seeing a fish tank on our TV console, so decided to replace. So many fishes to choose from, the kids wanted clownfish which I find appealing but no - it's a marine fish and difficult to maintain the water. Had been dreaming of owning crayfish, crab but ... the kids pointed to this tank full of pinkish fish. Nice eh! After all the Q&As about the care of this fish, I bought a pair for $12. They're pink cichlids. Never heard before and on that Friday (11th) night I checked the internet for information. *Gasp* Aggressive and needs alot of water. I worry I become a mass murderer as my tank is really small. The next day, was in Simei so reconfirm with the staff there. No problem they say but was so tempted with this promotion (glass tank + filter + pottery + plant = $75). Bought this and the new fishes have a new home.

This is the more rounded one. It's what Aricia chose and its name is Nemo
This one the timid one, coz' Nemo keeps attacking it, is che-che's fish. Dory is its name.

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