Friday, June 11, 2010

Holiday Classes

The kids went for their holiday classes in LW - United Square for the whole of this week.
Train-ed down for the first 3 days. Very troublesome to bring 2 kids with me. Worst! The 3 days that I took train down - it had to rain. The kids were playing with their umbrellas instead of sheltering themselves. And the ride was horrendous, my girl kept yakking away in the morning. People stared at me & my girl for disturbing their real sleep. Ah ha! Now you can tell the difference between the real sleepers and the pretending ones.

Each day, we reach U.Square at around 8+. The kids have their breakfast there, I bring che-che up for her class at 9am, either go down to another makan place to sit or stay upstairs for mei-mei to do some work for me before her class starts, send mei-mei in at 10am. Then it's free time for me, but I can't shop coz' the shops are not opened until 11am. Most time I'd just sit around and play on mobile. On the last 2 days of the week, I was so eager to hit the gym. But alas! Fated that I had to fall sick. I napped while waiting for them.

Mei-mei enjoyed her class. Teacher said she can read well - I'm so proud of her. Within one day, the teacher changed the different coloured books. Staff outside told me she's very vocal ( in other words - she's talking too much); can hear her voice most of the time and she out-talks the older kids. Lawyer in the making!
Was quite pissed too! First day, I bought mei-mei's train card and.........che-che had to lose her own card. Tracked back our steps, wasted one hour plus trying to find it but to no success. Argh! Have to do the replacement soon.

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