Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Angry! Mad!

On 11th, I made a trip down to The Better Toy Store to check on my orders.

Guess what! None of my orders came. I was really mad at them for giving me false and high hopes that my orders were in. And what's frustrating is that not one single item from what I've ordered ever came in. Their stupid excuse was they didn't know what the supplier packed in for them in the container, they will only see the items when it arrives in SIN - which is a whole load of rubbish!! So what happens if they load drugs in?? Use their brain when they make stupid excuses lah! And they don't even have the onus to inform us - the customer. I was really angry and scolded the staff. "you left me dangling in the air waiting for so long, without informing me. So if I don't come down, I won't even know the status of my order? You could have informed me earlier, I would have received my item by now by ordering online." Bad service!!

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