Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playdate II

SW and myself always have alot of things to talk about but too little time. After our last chat on the playdate over at my place, we could still go on... infact we stood downstairs chatting. Haha! Then we decided to meet some time soon to chat and for the girls to play. They didn't want to part, were seen holding hands and whispering to each other.

The date was set rather fast. It's so nice of SW to take leave amidst her busy schedule.

We met two days later, a Thursday, since mei-mei is on her Shichida term break. Sent her to school, then went over to SW's place. The kids played with WiiSport. Hmm.... very interesting. So tempted to buy one.

Left her place to pick mei-mei up while she brought the 2 girls and her boy for
lunch near the cinema. By the time I got back from picking mei-mei up, I was punctual. Duh! No time for even a quickbite. But never mind, I can go on a hunger strike and settle for a nice teabreak after the show.

As usual, my girl doze off in the cinema. Well, quite an achievement for her, coz' she endured half of the movie. Usually, she'll doze off not even 20 mins into the movie. Waste $$!! Went Macs for teabreak. K, their classmate came by to greet me when I was queuing up at the counter. Pleasant surprise to see her so I asked her to join us. 6 kids in our table - 3 big and 3 small kids.

Handsome boy. Look at their smile - so identical. He is 3 months older than my girl

They experimented a new creation - spicy fries with McFlurry. Yucks!
Good things must come to an end. See you in a few days time.

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