Friday, May 28, 2010

Survival Test - 1 yr+ later - Part 1

My entry is 2 weeks late. No time, no time. 没有时间.

My last survival test was 1 yr 7 months ago, fast forward that same time later - things do look different. At that time, che-che was in K2. And now that they're both older and supposedly to be more 懂事, I thought I can handle better. Noooope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, che-che was in full day childcare thus I had a much longer "window period". I can spent a longer time on household chores. Then, I only needed to bring her for Berries on Mondays evenings, after mom helped to cook her dinner (+ mine as well). Wednesdays evenings were her music class, then she gets to sleep over in mom's place for that night. I didn't have to get up that early the next day and can be a slave the whole of next day till I go over to pick her up. Fridays - I get to spend the whole day out as I had to bring mei-mei for her Shichida class.
And if I needed a bailout, mom could help out since they had a helper then.

Now, I'm totally relying on myself. To make it worst, hubby has been travelling extensively. He was back and feeling a little relieved, he told me he was flying off again. For 2 weeks, I was left single on/off. When he was back, he was working. It made me more miserable and grumpy, I know he's working really hard for this family; I shouldn't be feeling this way but because I was hoping for a lighter load and ended up ladled with the same load.

2 kids, although older, means I'm more busy. I have a shorter "window period" each day coz' have to pick mei-mei up from school early. I have only like 3 hours plus to speed through work. Exhausted! For the last 2 weeks, they had their classes from Tuesdays to Fridays consecutively. (Tuesdays were mei-mei's music make up lesson). I had been zooming around until I go giddy. Had to cook their lunches on both Wednesdays and Thursdays. So bloody busy and was still so concerned about giving them home-cooked food. Not like yours truly is a good cook.

Che-che asked me after she had a taste of my cooking for 2 days." Mummy, I thought you say you cannot cook?" "Mummy can't cook. I cook rubbish; you'll eat rubbish. Why? Is my cooking nice?" "Yes, very nice." "Nicer than Aunty Zet's?" "Yes, I like." *happy happy* Aiyah! Something new mah!

Today marks the end of the schoolterm. I don't have to handwash their school uniform daily. They change uniform daily. I can simply wait and throw them all into the washing machine. But still house has to be kept clean right? And for a extreme fussy person, I'll work myself to death.

Tomorrow, we fly off. I have a week off from housework.

Wait for my next blog entry on this topic then.

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