Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday -27th

School celebrated its 80th Anniversary & Founders Day yesterday - 27th.

Mei-mei skipped school, brought her along to dance and enjoy herself. She did! In the morning, the girls had to proceed to the hall, whilst the parents waited in the canteen. Mei-mei was so impatient, kept asking me if the dance was going to start.

Here, mei-mei's with her favourite Aunty - Aunty K.

Loved the Wonder Girls' Nobody dance. Ehh.... with her dancing at home all the time, she's pro siah! Kidding lah! Still cannot get the 'chim' steps but it's still a joy to see her swaying and shaking her backside to the song. She joined the girls. Che-che did her job well in taking care of mei-mei too!!

Yah! The dance was that long!! 80 minutes of non-stop dancing, playing music from the 1930s right up to 2010. Songs that are so familiar to me, makes me feel a generation older. *gasp*

The thing that I like about my school is that the girls know how to have fun. We play hard and we study hard. That makes KC girls so adaptable to everything and nothing is impossible for us.

At 9 plus, the kids had their recess in class. My two girls didn't want to eat the cake they asked me to pack the night before, instead chose to eat snacks brought by teacher; friends and their mummy dearest - me. Hmm.... I closed both eyes and crossed my fingers they don't get 'heaty'. Not a good time to fall sick.
Mei-mei's not shy. When che-che's FT asked the girls if they wanted snacks packed by a girl's mummy, mei-mei stood infront of her and said "I want!!" Mummy's proud that she's outspoken, then again it makes it look like she's very 'yao gui' - hee!
FT commented on mei-mei being so different from che-che. Another parent seeing her for the first time asked me "this girl must be a great challenge to take care, right?"
Recess over! Kids proceeded up to the hall for prize presentation.

At 1050, school's dismissed. Last day of school. See you girls a month later!!

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