Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A chatterbox

Teacher in mei-mei's school told me she was yakking non-stop in school in the morning. Ah doh! You mean now then they know she's so noisy??

In the afternoon, I got complaint from the doctor too. She chuckled and said "wah... she's been talking non-stop since the moment she came in. Was trying hard to write down prescription; turned her head to look at mei-mei who was oblivious to the surroundings and talking, laughing to herself. Sometimes when doctor was talking to me, she'd deliberatele keep us quiet by singing a song in between us. Sigh!!

I remember days ago, mom dropped by on a weekday afternoon. She was bugged by a persistent lil' girl. Girl never takes no for an answer; kept asking until mom agreed to give her something.
She makes a good salesperson. Dowan to buy house/insurance; got pestered by her until give up and buy from her.

That's my lil' girl!!

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