Tuesday, May 4, 2010

House Matters - Part II (Painting)

Day 1 - 3rd May
House looks terribly messy; dirty. Paint drips on newpapers, we accidentally stepped on it, kids bursts out laughing saying we all had "stamp on our feet. We are the same.... except daddy." Painted partial dining area, master bedroom and the study room. This time round, we changed all the rooms colour. Hubby says 'lomantik' purple for our room. I choose a bright peach colour for the study room (so my kids will not feel sleepy), sweet pink for the kids room.
Painter said the colours we choose reflects on our personality - we are quiet and peaceful. I'm not sure about "peaceful" coz' when I scream at the kids its deafening. He even commented he just painted another house with all the bright colours - green, dark purple, blue. Eeeks!

We were refugees in our own home. No where to run to, asked them to keep one room for me. The cabinets in their bedroom were made to good use, can sit there to do work. Exams week and she likes it when there's people in the house, keeps finding excuses to run out of room. Very frustrating! They finished their job at 5.15pm. No time to cook so asked hubby to help ta-bao back.

Dad came by with the chairs and table legs. But he had to re-spray coz' had some light scratches while transporting in his car. Can't put up the chairs yet. But finally, we got back our dining table. The last 2 nights of having our meals at the coffee table. Old woman (me) get leg cramp for sitting down on the floor and get indigestion.

Day 2 - 4th May

Painted the kids room, remaining living/dining area. House looks brighter with a new coat of paint.
Finished their job at 6.30pm. Hubby bought dinner back again.

Our living room looks shabby.

The kids room, darker pink on the feature wall

Day 3 - 5th May

Painting is taking way too long. Thought they should have been able to finish in 2 days so che-che won't be distracted. Kitchen painted and the "bulge" was knocked off and smoothened with plaster. Door frames, water feature, our gate. I'm very disappointed with the final looks on our wrought iron gate. Painter says it's very nice. Eeks! I feel it's that old-fashioned taste in him (he's in his 50s). Dunno what hubby's reaction will be when he sees it. Argh! feel like changing the gate!! So tired! Finally the minor renovations done. Now to the part of re-organising and packing stuffs. Tedious! My che-che is a hoarder! I threw away so many rubbish from her drawer when I packed her study table.

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