Friday, May 28, 2010

Results Day - 26th

Girls needn't report for school today as it's Results Day.

The day started with us (mom stayed over the night before) going to KFC for a hearty breakfast. The time slot that I was given was between 11 - 11.30am. We left for school one hour before the PTM considering the fact that I had to pick mei-mei up from school in 2 hours time. I'm smart right?? No!!! I should have made my way there much earlier! Was told that they didn't go according to the time slot but rather the teacher will meet whoever is there and we gotta queue. Wah!!! Since mom was with me, and after bribing her with a nice hot porridge, she had to do work for me. Haha! Asked her to help me queue up while I queued up to meet her 老师.

Was told my girl is very quiet in class, can only hear her voice when she's been asked a question. And 老师 is very surprised with her oral marks. I'm surprised too! 19/20. Wow! Even the talkative me don't think I ever scored that well. Needs to improve on her open-ended comprehension and writing. I totally agree with her coz' everytime I ask her to do Comprehension, she'd have that 恐惧症 - phobia. For both English and Chinese hor! Not that she don't understand the text but she's either lazy and just want to 'copy and paste' and risk getting scolded by me after I mark her work or she just didn't like doing Comprehension.
Everytime I ask her to do Comprehension - both subjects. She'd say "I don't know...." even though she knows my response would be "so.... you don't have to complete this Comprehension section for your exams??" She asks me to read for her, evil mother refuses and make her read instead. So did she understand the text? Yes, she did and she's able to point out the sentence to answer the question. So what's the problem? She usually loses her mark by not converting her sentence properly, you know lah! One mark gone here for wrong word; one mark gone there for copying word wrongly. By the time it adds up the mother goes berserk.

老师 says she does daydream sometimes in class. Haha! I can understand why she daydreamed last year in P1 coz' she had that headstart at home first. But this year too?? Hmm.......maybe it's heriditary?? That's why I got my book flung out of the class window. ?!?! I found it amusing when 老师 related to me that sometimes she dreams.. she calls her name and my girl hurriedly look around her book where 老师 stopped. I giggled. *bad move on my part* - goes to show mom is supportive of her being dreamy in class. Asked if she sat behind. No, she's sitting infront. Wah.... my girl so brazenly daydream when she's facing the teacher.

I've never met her FT - Form Teacher in person before. I longed to ask her how my girl behaved in class. And now that I know she daydreams in MT class, I had to know if she does that too in her class.
FT says "no chance for her to daydream in my class. They're kept busy." And she likes it when I set a high standard for my child. There's this one time when she did this mock test or was it a worksheet when she scored below my expectation and I refused to sign, writing down a short message to the teacher. Dunno if it's mockery or a real compliment for being so hard on my child. But she managed to meet this highly demanding unreasonable mother (and immediately blackmarked me).
She's quiet in class and is a model student. I never had the chance to ask her if my girl is helpful in class. I know last year she was, she was always there to offer her help kapo kapo to her teacher and friends. I was told my girl is very responsible and mature, infact she's impressed with this girl. Based on her observations, my girl makes full use of her time. Any free time in between lessons, she'd bring out her storybook to read or do her homework whilst the rest of her classmates chatted or simply prefer to stare into blank space.
However she noticed there was a behaviour change in girl recently. She became more distant and quiet, due to relationship problem. She mentioned about a girl who kindda ignored my girl (I can guess who it was anyway); didn't join her for recess etc.. FT talked to both girls separately. I mentioned to FT a note I saw in girl's schoolbag recently. It was a note my girl wrote to that girl:
You not my friend I am lost. Will you be my friend, OK? Please circle 'OK' or 'not OK'. Her note is very innocently funny and most importantly - no spelling mistake. Hee! FT was surprised... I managed to connect the whole picture together. When I questioned che-che after seeing that note, she quickly took the note away from me and said "no lah! nothing happened..." trying to avoid my question.
FT remembered last year, during Promotion Day (where children get to meet their next year's FT), che-che declared to her "XXX is my best friend." She must have felt that sharp knife stabbing into her heart. My poor girl. I'm her mother... I need to tell her in real life there's alot of backstabbing. Somehow she has to learn all these through difficult processes but ... you know I have that mixed feeling of wanting to protect/shield her but iI can't be protecting her forever.
The next day (27th) I spoke to K about this matter. She was shocked and she did explain to me how close the 2 girls were in school when she was helping in the school last year. Che-che is very protective over that girl, though that girl is more "sharper than her - streetwise and eloquent". Then, I must say without shame that I've done a great job in instilling EQ in my child.

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