Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Haven't been able to blog coz' had been sick. Fever; sore throat; tornado in stomach; cough; runny nose. Blame it on exhaustion + bad weather + viral going on around now. I can't remember who passed to who, but this virus had been 'ding ding dong dong' around the house for about a week before the VOLCANO ERUPTED!!

Friday, 7th
Struggled to bring the kids to school, hubby had to go airport in the morning so can't help to send kids to school. Too last minute to make KZ cab down too. Popped by clinic opposite on way home. Doctor came in 20 minutes late, I was the first in line and fell asleep while waiting. Fever's 39.4 deg celcius. Woah!

Back home, climbed into bed after 2nd shower for the day. Then I spend the rest of the day sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. Never felt so weak before. Tasked KZ to help pick the children up from school.

Like I said the rest of the day I was sleeping. Heard the commotion the kids made when they got back about an hour plus later. They didn't cab back but took a bus back home. Yah lor! che-che wants to take bus.

Big thanks to KZ, definitely! She has been such a great help. She even helped me bring mei-mei for her music lesson.

As for che-che, I left her in her own resources - play! No energy to help her. Let me rest first.

Saturday, 8th
Che-che has her Berries in the morning. However she woke up this morning with a fever. Oh no!! Did she get the fever from me?? As for myself, I was feeling really tired despite sleeping the whole day yesterday. Felt like vomitting too, wah...... what happened to me?

As for myself, I rested till afternoon and then seeing that she's well and jumping around, did some work with her. Had my mask on, struggling to keep myself awake.

Her fever came back in the night. Huh?

Sunday, 9th
She woke up feeling alright. I was still feeling tired and better still for my diet plans - no appetite to eat.
Did some work with her again. And so timely - at 7pm - her fever came back?!?!?! Oh no! Last paper tomorrow and can't skip school.

Monday, 10th
Told che-che to call me after her paper, so that I can bring her home earlier. Standby near her school, didn't hear from her.

Picked her up from school, she looked tired. Said she has fever. Huh? Dropped by PD, but clinic's closed. Gave her fever medication and sent her to bed. Evening time, fever back again. This is a cause for alarm, if her fever comes periodically. It's definitely not from me.

Tuesday, 11th
She looked well to go back to school. I stayed in her school for some dialogue session with P/VP. So tired, I feel like going into the sick bay to rest.

Picked her up from school, again my girl came out all worn out. That's it! Brought them to another PD, can't wait for another day to see their usual PD. Sigh! Their PD's closed at mid-day today. Timing, timing, it's all about timing.

Hope everyone gets well fast.

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