Thursday, October 6, 2005

Where did the energy come from?

Was wondering why my daughter is so quiet, peeped and saw that she was dancing to this Chinese children song.
I really wonder where she gets the energy from? She's sick but yet she is like a normal healthy child. My ex-colleagues think I have a good time staying at home taking care of her when she's sick, nobody believes me when I tell them she is as active as before.
Anyway, precious daughter loves singing; music and dancing. I have pulled her out from her Tumble Tots class and will enrol her for Yamaha music lesson and another enrichment class.
I saw this Speech & Drama program near my home and will think that's suitable for her.


pigbylicious said...

Super mom la you. Out of the time taking care of your princess, you still can head to gym, have high tea, shop around when the rest of the world is slogging hard at work! Semi tai-tai life lor :)

Lily Ann said...

Please don't forget about the part of my washing and cleaning my house. High tea; shop all the time I can go broke you know. I didn't marry a tycoon.