Monday, October 24, 2005

The flight or fright??

Now do I know why many people prefers to take asian airline. I'm not against Northwest to post this blog. My travel includes three sectors on both ways SIN-NRT-DTW-IAD and JFK-MST-NRT-SIN. On the way up, there were alot of Chinese travelling onboard and the angmohs were so... like trying to ridicule them. Saying " I don't understand what you are saying..." And then they call this lady to help them interpret. Although many a times the poor lady was caught somewhere helping others; they will still try to look for her. I really pity her, although I can see that she was very helpful and her English isn't that fantastic either- but well to them it's a good help. I wanted to help them but then decided against it otherwise they'll come and interrupt my precious sleep ( I was sick one day before the flight and the medication didn't help me so needed the rest on the flight).
What frustrates me later was this lady who came to me and actioned 'fish' (hands together swimming) or 'chicken'(armpits moving up and down) during meal time just because she has been approaching all the chinese many rows before me. I told her off " You don't have to do this, I can speak and understand English well." Well, she halted and was rather embarrassed. She never did that to me during the second meal service.
Anyway, observations on the flight...
> They asked each other across the aisle loudly whether the other party had a certain choice of food or drinks; passed to one another across the aisle even asking passengers to help. One even ask a guy to stand up from his seat and help her unbrake a mealcart further down so that she can make the change near the galley. Call-lights were not attended to promptly. Damn! If I needed medical attention, I would have died on board. When I asked for Paracetemol, one didn't know what the heck it was, until I told her " I need Tylenol." Oh my goash!! How are they to render assistance to passengers who needed medications?
In SQ we would never dream of asking passengers to help unless necessary; passing entrees across the aisle lest it gets spilled on passengers (infact it'll be so hot to hold it by hand to pass it through. Yah... their main course weren't that hot); didn't attend to call-lights promptly. I took strolls in the cabin a few times to stretch my legs and tak-boleh tahan see all the christmas lights in the cabin and one in the toilet.
On the journey back, the long sector was packed to the brim (infact it was the same on the way up). And the ground staffs actually made abrupt announcements prior to boarding that they cannot entertain any seat changes. On board, I noticed many people around me trying to change their seats with fellow passengers. Nobody approached us. Probably they see a family of 3 together and there's no way to spilt us up.. or they may think I'm a cheena- who can't speak English. What frustrates me is that no crew has taken the initiative to offer to change this young couple with a young infant to a bulkhead seat. Well at least with the bassinet it's easier for them to manage;have their meals and nap.Maybe the others had selected the seats just like I did during booking, all the seats were taken up by angmohs adults. Prejudice? But still I thought the human empathatic side of them would make them render assistance afterall half of them were old enough to be mothers/fathers (to understand how it feels cramped up with an infant). And a small minority.. grandmas, grandpas. I wonder if my life would be at risk if there's any evacuation or emergency seeing how "slow" they are.
Well, at least on SIN-NRT and NRT-SIN I felt more comfortable as the flight attendants gave you attention (not that I was seeking one..) probably because mainly they were asians and there would also be some Singaporeans working for Northwest too.
I still think asian airline cannot be compared to the horrible treatment I had been getting on this flight and other flights. Well... Czech Airline provides superb service. (they look up to SQ-Singapore Airlines for their service standards).
Ahem...... SQ is still the best. Afterall I was with them for so many years, I know how much effort SQ has gone into customer service. But then...... I didn't marry a rich man to allow me to travel SQ all the time. Sigh.........

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