Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Oh no!

As I turned over and kiss my girl after wishing her "Happy 35 month old Athena.", I panicked. Argh! It's only 4 weeks to her 3rd birthday and I gotta to start doing her birthday party stuffs. I was already months in advance with the idea of her birthday favors for her little friends in school, Elmo chocolate done. I tried looking for the Elmo fruit snacks in Gristedes in New York - but no luck. I saw the Fruit Punch though, it's really cute and small. However we haven't got much space left in our bag. So now, have to look for another replacement. Need to order her cake. And we might be thinking of doing a family celebration for her so that'll need planning again. Sigh................ Guess will be lazy and keep the Elmo theme as well.


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