Thursday, October 6, 2005

Make way for a fat woman

I'm feeling so fat. Will take the chance to go gym tomorrow since mom wants daughter over at her house. Good timing too coz it's Christina's class. She's really good! Azrino too! They make me feel like punching out and get all my tension/stress out.
I am feeling good too as I managed to colour my greys yesterday. And today made a trip to Ikea. Wanted to stay longer and have my chocolate almond cake after my lunch but daughter's tired- so we made our way back.
Slurp! No wonder I'm so fat!! And pigbylicious is going for a chocolate feast this weekend, I hate her for that!!!


pigbylicious said...

Chocos = Calories = Happy Endorphins = Me, Pigbylicious!!! Wahaha! I eat for you okie??!!

Liliane said...

I'm not going to talk to you. You're not my friend!!!!

pigbylicious said...