Sunday, October 30, 2005


I have been interested in photography as long as for 10 years. I bought my first camera - Gold Olympus Mju and until now I still do not bear to throw it away. I have since moved along with technology by owning a digital camera (paid by hubby).
I don't know what started the interest 10 years ago. But I remember this photographer friend of mine ever commented that I had good photographic eyes (Ahem) after he saw some photos I took. But anyway, he was kind enough to bring me around photographing in Singapore. Mind you, we were both flying then and had different rosters but it seems so fortunate that we were able to meet at least twice a month. Once he was called up to Auckland where I was rostered, and so the fun began. We went around Auckland and jumped onto some peoples' yachts and took photos, we also stayed there to wait for a shot of a seagull. He taught me how to use this apeture thing, where you use it to measure and manually adjust something to make sure photos don't turn out dark or too bright. Well, I guess there's no use for that now since we can view back with digital camera. I have since lost touch with that friend, I have last saw him on TV as a contestant in WWTBM.
I like to take on anything but I love it when I take night scenes coz' you get to see the streaks of light on the photo. The only setback? Is that you gotta have a steady hand otherwise it'll blur the picture.
Now, I wish I have the opportunity to try to improve myself. Unfortunately my time as a mother does not permit me. The only subject that interests me at this moment is my daughter. Whenever I have the chance I'd like to explore on my interest further. But first must train the people around me to be more patient and " don't rush me!"
These are some of my favourite shots all put together.

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