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Hello and Goodbye Mr Sun - entry drafted on 28th Dec 17 #lateposting#

Though I don't really welcome the Sun glaring and heating up our tropical Singapore, I do enjoy Mr Sun in US. 

Sunrise and sunset 
We watched one sunrise in Grand Canyon and three sunsets - first one in Santa Monica; second in Grand Canyon and the last in Carmel. When was the last time I watched any sunrise or sunset? It was really serene watching sunrise and sunsets. Better still when the place itself is beautiful.   
Che-che loves it (since nobody has the chance or time to be so relaxed back home) and one day she asked me a very good question :
"why our sunset colours in Singapore is so boring and different but it has a wide variety of colours here?" My lamest and perhaps ‘trying to act smart in front of her’ answer is pollution. Ha! Pollution makes the best excuse for anything.

Does this answer her question? 
Click here 

Here's another read on what determines sunrise and sunset colours

There are more links in the web to answer her question which I will not have the time to find out until when I retire... haha! retire from the girls. Meanwhile enjoy these lovely photographs che-che took.

15th December (Friday)
Sunset in Santa Monica pier. Many people gathered, just like us, waiting for the sunset. Che-che took a timelapse on her phone but her hands were really shaky, I got really giddy after watching it. I think I shall get her a tripod next time. Anyway, she was a little smarter after that, for her sunrise in Grand Canyon, she brought along a box to prop her phone up. 

At 5.14pm, Mr Sun got drowned in the waters. Goodbye tough man, I know you'll be up again tomorrow.

20th December (Wednesday)
Sunrise at Yavapai Point in Grand Canyon. Excited che-che woke us up, wanting to watch sunrise but the two old folks (us) weren't keen. In the end, somebody had to drive her out right? So everyone went along.. and so at 4+, we went out to the Visitor Centre. The 2 men went to enquire on a good spot, we were asked to turn back to the lodge as we're too early. I made a check - sunrise is at 7.35am the night before, did mention we're early but nobody listens to me. All geh-kiang... 
No regrets for dragging my fat ass out of the lodge. It's beautiful.   

Sunset at 5.15pm Hubby and lil' grandma wanted to rest. So left with the rests of us. SH, hubby's friend, drove. Initially I had wanted to head to Desert View to get a picture of sunset together with the tower. But it's too far away, so I suggested to the western side - Hermit's Rest. But midway, we stopped at Abyss when we saw the lookout point is equally nice. Turned out it was a good decision, coz Mr Sun was eager to go back to see his Mrs. It was really quick, he was gone - just like that. If we had headed to Hermit's Rest, we would have missed seeing him committing suicide in the canyon.

We spotted Mrs Moon behind the clouds. She was playing hard to get. Click here for timing 

22nd December (Friday)  
Oh yes! I totally forgot this. Death Valley. We were making our escape out of  Death Valley (checked out a day earlier) coz there wasn't any water. Haha! Certainly we weren't caught in this situation. 
Death Valley doesn't sound like we won't make it out alive. Just that the water pipe burst in our lodging and we all couldn't shower. They said it'll probably be fixed by 5pm but we didn't want risk any chances of going to sleep without a nice shower. Plus hubby wanted to trim his driving time the next day to Three Rivers, so decided at last minute to head to Lone Pine. 
We saw the sunset as we were making a dash out of Death Valley. Sunset at 5.17pm No wonder the girls said the colours are so different. If somebody needs to paint the sunrises and sunsets, they need to mix alot of colours.
Che-che took this on iphone, I posted this in Facebook. Too lazy to find pictures now. Who won the race? Mr Sun! Coz 1 hour later, we were still in DValley!! Driving out from Panamint range. Mr Sun has gone to paktor with his Mrs.       

26th December (Tuesday) 
After 4 days of break (we didn't catch any in Three Rivers or Yosemite) , we caught our last sunset in the US in Carmel arriving the area around 5+. With almost perfect execution, we wasted no time and saw Mr Sun setting at 5.20pm

Not bad huh? My girl got the photographer's "eyes"
"Goodbye yolk", the hubby said

 Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully 
- by Kristen Butler

This is my pano shot. Unedited.


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