Thursday, January 18, 2018

Booked for 2018 - entry drafted on 18th Jan 18 #lateposting#

The year has rolled into the 3rd week and our holiday for year end is booked. 

Last year, we booked our holiday on 18th Feb. Record breaking, this year we booked on 18th Jan. Maybe 2019's holiday will be booked on 18th Dec 18? 
But..... I just remembered. We will miss the registration day in Secondary school. Need to send a proxy.  I hope I will also remember to ask hubby to give me auto-roam during the holiday, as school allocation results will be sent out on SMS. 

Free n Easy
The girls wanted F&E again, of course that was subjected to which countries and whether it was safe to do so. 

Listing down
The girls like it in US so much that initially they wanted to go to east coast this year. The man is not keen, citing that NYC is too expensive and the hotels are lousy. Well.... emm...... that's coz' you weren't willing to spend (plus I don't mind 3* hotels as long as I have a bed and a place to shower) for the atas hotels the last time we went. 
They listed down :
1) US - East coast + Niagara Falls. Which che-che went before but she says she has minute recollection of the places she saw. Lil' one kept exclaiming "but I wasn't born yet!!" Maybe it was also the fact that his wife was too overzealous the last time and planned the journey in such way that he had to drive for 7-8 hours that he has phobia. He was livid! Well...... the recent US trip, he planned the max drive time  6 hours but we stretched with constant breaks in between.   
2) Midwest US - I think coz che-che wants to cover more National Parks. But I'm worried about the snow as midwest usually snows earlier than anywhere and it's snow blizzard. 
3) Germany - Che-che has been asking to go Germany since she started taking History. She's keen in the concentration camps. In the man's eyes, nothing to see in concentration camps. I'm beginning to feel the presence of  a 2nd ME!! Though I didn't take History (I hated History) but I was very interested in the Holocaust.
4) France - never been to France
5) Japan - getting nearer and nearer to Singapore. Trying their luck with daddy as long as he don't suggest China or Malaysia.
6) Wait! He did suggest somewhere in the northern part of China. Then che-che suggested Russia.  Honestly I don't mind, I'd love to go Russia one day. But it's dangerous for a F&E. I remember one year he wanted to bring the girls to Serbia and Croatia (by tour), think it was in 2016? So was hoping he's suggest this place again. 
7) In my mind, I also wanted to go nearer to Arctic. I want to see the Northern Lights before I die, before I cannot tahan the cold.  
8) He suggested Turkey, but we had to join a tour if they wanted Turkey. 
9) NZ - che-che wants to go back to the same place again. 大了所以比较董事, she will have the second chance of re-looking and understanding the places better. Lil' one has no recollection of the place coz' she was too young. 

Surprise surprise
I was surprised when out of the blue he mentioned "how about Amsterdam". OMG! Did he read my mind?? I've been missing Amsterdam since last year, hoping to plan for a solo short trip when the girls' major exams are over. Generally I miss Europe. Every place is so different, I miss Switzerland; I miss Italy, London. But yet I've been wanting to go Amsterdam more than anything. I was still thinking if I should bring lil' one there, extend the days after PSLE Marking Days. But sometimes I shudder at the thought of bringing this lil' grandma. She is ahem..... quite troublesome. Not a sightseeing person, only likes to walk in shopping centres; sit down; eat; pee; poo. 

Final destination  
He said he'll consider the airfares first. 

Today, he came home with a printed e-ticket to Amsterdam and back from France.  
It seems so recent that I was mugging through the nights planning the travel journal. I will have to do so again. This time round, better have everything written down where to go. The man is the relax as he goes; whereas che-che and me is like must see everything. But I have an idea that we could still hit the western part of Germany and perhaps where the 3 countries (Germany, Belgium and Netherlands) borders meet. Although I've sat on countless numbers of trains travelling in Europe while I was flying, sometimes crossing the borders I'm still fascinated when I see the officers get onto the train. Baarle-Nassau and Baarle-Hertog has caught my attention many years back when I read about the cafe that sits in the middle. Although I've been to Dreiländereck in Basel (where Switzerland, Germany and France meet) thrice, I wouldn't mind going the fourth time.  
Meanwhile... let's get down on ground and study hard. The girls can dream and think about this later after their exams. No time for daydreaming.       


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