Monday, September 12, 2011

What happened to my parcel?

From the time hubby gave mei-mei the go ahead with the party (we are mourning over the loss of our FIL), I did a quick click on all the online purchases.

Two weeks after I've clicked and paid, I didn't get any news about my parcel in Vpost USA. Initially I had thought the huricane blew my parcel over to Artic. Three days wait was an agony for me. No news!

I checked with the party shop purchase history. My parcel had been sent out long time ago. My other parcels came in one by one, even those that were purchased at a later date, reached me first.

I was getting all so panicky. My main parcel is still not here! I've only got like 2+ weeks before the big day.

I emailed the party shop, UPS and enquired. The last info was "LEFT AT PORT". Immediate reaction was "what port"?! My imagination ran wild and I imagined my parcel left out in the rain, in the sun and perhaps it really got blown away. Then I asked "who's port"? Haha! I sound really stupid
I'm thankful the party shop was so nice to go the extra mile in getting the scanned copy of a signature and a name for me. (when they told me I should call them but I explained that I would be calling in from Singapore. Telephone charges would cost )But it got me really worried, then where the heck is my parcel. Maybe the guy ran away with my parcel? Okay, at least I have the black and white. So the 'port' means my Vpost address.

Meantime, my contigency plan would be - NO CONTIGENCY PLAN. Haha! I'll just probably put whatever I have inside the bags first and then give them later after the party, should they arrive after the party

Called Vpost and staff was helpful to call US for me. They said there was an additional number infront of my VP number on the box (which I checked later everything's correct) that's why couldn't track and match the customer. Oh my! The staff did a manual match for me, said I can make my payment the next day.
The next day I made payment and still waited for a few more days. Why is my parcel not moving at all?
My postman was really kind too, he told me he'll help me keep track of my parcels and he will take it out for me as soon as he sees mine.
I called them again to check on the parcel, it's only a week to the party. I need my pinata!!!! I need my favors!!! Staff said she'll expedite for me. The next day, I received the parcel. And that next day is today!
Yes! Time to start my factory assembly line.

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