Monday, September 19, 2011

19th September - My girl is 5

My girl turned 5 on a schoolday. She declines the idea of skipping school and a time of jalan-jalan chiding me - "Never mind, you can bring me out after school. I need to go to school to study." Haha! I'm really amused with this girl.

She asked if I could get her a Tinkerbell birthday cake again for school. I had to say no. No point celebrating in her school, as it's really fast where the children barely know your existence kind. The scenerio would be : go in to school - put cake down - sing and cut - eat - we have to leave quickly. In less than 30 minutes. No way!
Instead I bought Golden Oreo and Toblerone for her school friends. And her friends sang her a birthday song. She's happy.

Back at home, the girls had their music lesson.

After which, we brought the girls out for dinner @ Swensens. We didn't buy her any cakes as we were still struggling to finish the leftover cake from her party.
She loved her ice-cream (though she didn't eat much)

Happy Birthday, mei-mei!

In her Tinkerbell dress that dua-kim bought for her

Nice? she was playing with the iPad and I wrote this for her. She had to erase it off for me after taking these pics and write it herself (as seen in last pic)

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