Friday, September 30, 2011

27th Aug - Facial

The girls were in for a treat when I told them I was going to give them a facial in the night. Usually our routine on Fridays would be, me digging/tickling their ears before they sleep. But the hardworking me decided to give them two on this friday.

Che-che knew what facial was as she has followed me to my facial place before. Mei-mei went "fishes? you going to put fishes on my face?" I had a good laugh over her hearing problem.

First guinea pig was mei-mei who was still wondering where the fishes were. Kept making funny faces, yakking.
Just in case you were wondering -nope! I merely cleansed their face with their bath gel, put a hydrating mask on for them which beautician is fine for kids, kept it for a very short while and then massaged their face with their Mustela hydrating face lotion. The whole thing took me 30 minutes. The talkative and inquisitive girl was my nightmare customer. I lost count the number of times she asked me about the fishes and whether if it was the pink fish we had or goldfish or shark or ....

Pictures of my lil' girl

When I had the mask on, I asked my second customer to lie down so that I could tickle one side of her ear.
After everything is done for my first customer, she finally gave me a thumbs up. And still asking me "where are the fishes"? AAAAAARGH!!!!!

My mature second customer. I think I can have a peaceful time with her. (but still getting that lil' girl yakking away next to me. OMG! I dunno what she was talking about. My ears kindda shut down)

But .. wait! This customer obviously knows what is facial right? She came to the room and then made herself so comfortable, lying down and covering herself under the blanket with her smelly bear.
#2 customer was the most DEMANDING customer!!!! Insisted that I massaged her face longer. And then when I did her shoulder and back massage, she enjoyed it and made me massage her longer.

Sigh... on second thoughts I may not do this for them anymore.

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