Sunday, September 11, 2011

September school hols

Oh my! Oh my! This hasn't been a productive school holiday for us. Haven't had much time to do any work (go through oral, composition) with che-che. Her SA2 is in 6-7 weeks time. With the amount of homeworks she has everyday, I always find it hard to find time for her to do my work or to go through work with her. Sianz!

4th September (Sunday)
The school holiday started with a friend's birthday party on the 4th. It was a Barbie Party and the girls loved it. They enjoyed the bouncy castle (wah... even my immature 8+ yr-old played inside. Think she was like the oldest girl in there??)

Mei-mei and the pretty birthday girl
Queuing up for manicure
And finally face-painting. Apparently mei-mei don't like face-painting so she joined in the magic show
Magic show

Pinata! I had a good laugh when the magician asked the children to queue up according to height. Coz' his logic is, if they're shorter so they must be younger. My lil' girl benefitted lor!
Hmm.... I know they love Pinatas .... but I don't.
Balloon sculpting
Mei-mei and her dolphin
Che-che and her heart-shaped balloon
Birthday song

The girls continued playing after that. Was doing PR while I don't know when children started going into the pool. And my two girls kept telling me they want to go swimming. I didn't allow them, no costume how to go in. They were pretty sad .... but it wasn't in the birthday initinery what!

Back at home, they kept themselves occupied going through the sweets collected from the pinata and from the goodie bag

They admired their manicure and che-che loved the tattoo on her face so much.. and then I suddenly remembered. OMG! She was suppose to return back to school on Tuesday. Oh my! Should have done a pedicure instead and have the tattoo on her shoulder or buttocks.

5th September (Monday)
Did some work for me in the morning.

And then Peggy came by for their music lesson.

6th September (Tuesday)
Very little work done for me as we had to leave house at 11+. Call her productive! I hate it when she takes her own sweet time to do her work. By right 3 hours in the morning, she should be able to do quite a substantial amount of work right? Waste time! Daydream! Play with eraser!!
Okay, I was getting really grumpy with her.

While she was in school ringing away the bells, I brought mei-mei to get some last minute party stuffs for her party 2 Saturdays later.

Brought them out for a Smurf show and dinner.

Hmm! No work done!

7th September (Wednesday)
She has a tuition in the morning, shifted to morning, so that I can bring them for their Disney show.

Had lunch at home, I don't think I can suffer in the hands of the lil' girl.

We walked around MBS for a short while before the show. I remember how panicky I was before the Lion King show coz' I couldn't find any parking lots, so went much earlier. And bumped into Jen there. So lucky that woman! Can win the prize. How come I don't have such luck?

After the show ended at close to 5pm, made a quick rush to Raffles City to get a dress for che-che. The kids had their quick dinner. Note : how I always write "rush". Indeed we were rushing and I was all grumpy when they eat very slowly.

Brought them to SCGS to watch this famed Japanese University students playing the handbells.

It was really a challenge for mei-mei to learn to keep quiet throughout the performance. But she did well. Here she is, putting on lipgloss. Hiao charboh!
Their performance were awesome. And I hope che-che and her friend gained some insight

Let There Be Peace On Earth
I love this song - Beauty & The Beast (mixture of 3 songs)
Adjourned to T3 for dinner. Brought along Maxine's BD presents as we didn't join them for the celebration. Summer asked me a very good question when she saw Maxine opening up her present. "Aunty, can I ask you why everytime your box is from Isetan? You always buy from there"?

It goes to show how pathetic my life is, I really have no time to shop except during that short half an hour before picking mei-mei up from school. And no other shops are opened except Isetan.
Birthday gal

Happy Birthday, sweetie!
Reached home late. We need to wake up early tomorrow morning. Was informed last week that the rites for FIL's 49th day would be done on 8th Sep

Oh! I didn't know that next Fri the girls didn't have to go to school. Spoke to the mummies about a small celebration for mei-mei. Yes! It's happening. I have another venue in mind, some place where the activities might suit all.

8th September (Thursday)
Sigh... the girls can't do any work today. Left house at 8.10am. By the time we finished everything, it was already 12+ noon.

Brought the girls for lunch at Longhouse, went back home to shower and leave house again. I was tired and asked girl to skip Shichida but model-student wouldn't skip class. How about skipping either one of the class - Abacus. Girl turned teary. Sigh... while I can have one jubilant kid for missing lesson; I have another one who simply refuses to skip lesson.

After her Shichida class, she was really tired. Me too! I can fall asleep behind the wheels! I let her nap for an hour which turned out longer for me. Still insisted on going for class, but no way! We both fell asleep for another hour or so.

Had our dinner and then sleep again. I feel like a pig. Oink oink! Somehow I touched lil' girl's head ... it did seem a lil' warm. Oh oh! I have plans to bring mei-mei out to collect her passport the next day.

9th September (Friday)

Arghhhhhh. FEVER! Both girls! What luck!

Can't bring her to collect her passport and there's no way I can change the appointment date. Have to do a walk-in (and pray hard it doesn't take long). Brought them to see PD instead.

Can't do work either! Shucks! Last day of school holiday weekday and ...not much was done throughout the whole week.

Didn't bring her for her music class in the evening.

10th September (Saturday)
Didn't bring them for swimming either. Fever was going up and down and it's worrying. School's commencing in 2 days time. I hope they recover by then

11th September (Sunday)
Fever cleared the whole day but let them rest after their Berries class in the morning. Day wasted getting them to rest. My heart was thumping away. Darn! Not much work done. When school term starts, we'd be so busy trying hard to complete her tons of daily homeworks. How??

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