Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday @ Scoop of Art

A small-scale celebration for lil' girl with all her che-ches.

Staff was really prompt in replying my email queries. I didn't tell the girls where we were heading. Mei-mei was kept in the dark though she kept asking why I brought along some goody bags etc..

Collected her cake at PP. Was between two minds if I should inflate some balloons. In the end, didn't do it. But I bought a pinata, didn't want to destroy the Tinkerbell pinata coz' I need it the next day. And since I couldn't use the cupcake rings on the cake , I put them inside the pinata. No, not me - it was the girls who helped to put in the goodies in the pinata while I drove to venue.

I did very little setup, the staff helped me alot coz' I parked the car illegally at the library area.
Came back to see this nicely set up. Che-che also helped me.
Here, mei-mei was getting impatient
Che-che's friends came. 3 of them couldn't come as they were ill. But they allowed me to bring back the crafts for them.
Here, the girls were playing a few games. Which mei-mei didn't understand and was simply enjoying it in her own miniature world.
Finally, they get to do their fabric painting.
Cute lil' boy, Greg. I love his smile! The smile that melt your heart ... Mummy and daddy will have a hard time next time
The pretty girls

The beautiful ladies
The food for the children
1) Nacho chips
2) Honey glazed chicken
3) Chicken ham spaghetti
4) hotdog
5) Fruit punch
6) 1 scoop of ice-cream

The mummies ordered their food from the menu. Very short get-together time but still we had our laughs

Mei-mei's funny snail
Che-che's ducky
Mei-mei was so nice, the co-ordinator wanted to leave.And mei-mei told her "you cannot leave. I haven't cut my cake yet."

The birthday cake. No more chocolate coz' not many kids like chocolate
My happy lil' girl
A group picture
Birthday girl blowing out her candles
SMILE! Children
"Make an Angry Bird face" - they still look so charming!

With her co-ordinator che-che.
Giving out goody bags. Didn't manage to take pics of her giving out goody bags to the che-ches coz' they were too fast. Old woman liao - not so nimble like them.
Girls finding ways to entertain themselves. They were trying to carry a girl and then the mummies saw it and told them it's wrong and did the right way. All I can say is thank goodness che-che didn't go up, she will break their arms

Selecting their ice-cream flavour

Mei-mei and her favourite Cookies and Cream ice-cream

Pinata time!

Pouring out their loot and doing exchange

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