Monday, February 7, 2011

CNY 2011

2nd Feb (Wed)
It's the eve of CNY, where children are dismissed early from school; wives and husbands end work early; housewives doing their last minute shopping.

Che-che's school ended early at 10.10am. After which we went over to PP, to buy her new shoes

Apparently, mei-mei didn't have to go school. Hubby brought her to his office much to che-che's dismay. Mei-mei was happy and .......... hubby came home and first thing he said to me "ai yoh! talk too much. Keep disturbing me until I can't work, I'm not going to bring her anymore."
Hubby went over to pick in-laws over to our place for dinner.

Prepared steamboat. Finished our dinner in less than an hour. We're small eaters lah!

In-laws left at 8am, hubby sent them home (all the way to Jurong). Came back for a while before leaving house again to go to his friend's place. The girls slept early, I slept early too. I missed the Ch8 show. Dunno why... think I prefer to sleep through to forget that I'm turning old. That I'm turning '24' this year. Yah yah, it's my YEAR!

3rd Feb (Thu)
First day of CNY. Made the girls give their daddy oranges and say nice wishes. Kena forced to do so.

Made our first visit to in-laws.

MIL told her she must be a good girl etc.. in chinese. She nods her head (I wonder if she understood anything she said)
Xiao gu-zhang
Da gu-gu and gu-zhang
Enroute to mom's place. We dropped by MBS. River Hongbao was a no-no for us since it's so hot.
Way back to carpark. Told hubby I needed to take one picture. And he had to oblige since I'M THE QUEEN THIS YEAR. I RULE!!!!
Didn't take photos in mom's place. Ai doh! How come huh?

4th Feb (Fri)
Hubby decided to bring kids to watch a movie at TM. We were suppose to watch Great Great World, hubby made a boo-boo over the booking and we had to change to Green Hornet. No complaints or queries from che-che who selected the show she wanted to watch.
Mom asked us to drop by for dinner. Keke! Free dinner again. The kids get to play together and ahem... fight too. Sianz! When will they ever stop fighting?

5th Feb (Sat)
We were suppose to go over to Clarabelle's place before going over to M's place. Plans changed to next week, so girls were made to do some work before leaving for M's place. Keke! evil mother.

Hubby went over to his friend's place so we left for M's place.

YL brought these cute bunnies bun over. And who to pose photo with? This lao charboh trying to cute lor. Keke! Kawaii !!

This is the really cute one - Saby. Little Touch-Me-Not. Wah... I failure siah. She refuse to let me carry her for the longest time.
The kids played. Guess what? They played school!! They must have missed school so much. My lil' girl kena detention twice. What to expect? Then this school did not even ask me to PTM (Parents-Teacher Meeting). Recess time is very short.
Teacher J
Finally! A class photo to get the girls together. Haha! That's what I said and they really obliged.

Funny faces

6th Feb (Sun)
Wow! This is the first time (and hopefully the last) we're out everyday. Really tired.

Iggy's celebrated his birthday today. It's the first time I've been to his home since they finished renovation (last year?) This is also the time we saw our cousins. Got the 5 kids together to play. Such a shame huh? We only meet that "often".

This cute little girl (in white top and red skirt) is bro's neighbour.

Cousin B and his wife. Cousin Y
Same theme as mei-mei's 3rd party. I passed them my game set, which they didn't use it in the end.
Cousin's kids are really well-behaved as compared to my boisterous girls.
Left for dinner with in-laws at a Teochew Restaurant. The funniest thing is that the 2 sisters and brother (hubby) all married teochews.
That comes to the end of our long exhausting weekend. I want the long weekend, but I want it at a slower pace. Let's hope this year will not see me hopping about too much.Ha! That's an under-statement.

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