Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Athena said this

Kids are REALLY honest. Girl came back saying that she had to bring the Catholic Welfare ticket back to school tmrw. The due date is 20 something Feb, so surprised it's early submission. (she's suppose to bring to mom's place to try to sell to my family) When I went back to room and gave her $10, she looked at me "oh! so you buying everything?" 
She then told me the real reason for bringing back tix.
 "Becoz' I told Ms R tt my mummy only bought $2. N I cannot sell anymore. She asked me can u buy any more. I told her my mother's not working n she has no more money (haha! tt's what I always say when she bugs me 2 buy rubbish 4 her).
She asked where's daddy, I said my daddy is outstation. So she said I can bring the remaining tickets tmrw."
Wah.... I sound very poor. No money 2 survive in Singapore without hubby. But think abt it, really innocent remark

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