Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We saw this in Chinatown on Sunday and bought these nice chopsticks.

We've got the gentle sheep - hubby, wild rabbit - me, carefree horse - Athena and crazy dog - Aricia
And another 6 pairs of surname chopsticks. Nice huh? They make good gifts for friends and relatives. The only setback is that their packaging is not nice so you'll have to do it yourself.


Mum-to-be said...

chanced upon your blog when searching for add for my food cravings during my preg.
Will continue to read on to prep me for motherhood!
Oso i've 3 common animals same as your family! I'm a sheep, my hubby a horse and we r expecting a rabbit this Nov :)

Lily Ann said...

We're the domicile homely kind. Hee!