Thursday, January 27, 2011

CNY Bakes

26th Jan
Oh my! Oh my! I'm really late this year. I'm always so busy in the daytime, to try to fit in a time to bake.

I started baking only when the "shops" are about to put their goodies on SALE PRICE. I 'commence my business' when everyone else had 'closed their business' to get ready for CNY.

On this day, I went back home immediately after I dropped lil' girl in school at 8am. KZ was tasked to bring that girl home so that I have sufficient time to bake.

Alas! That girl reached home close to 1pm and I've only baked 2 containers full. *tired* The over-zealous me thought I could bake 5 trays of 25 tarts in one hour, each cycle 20 mins baking time. By 1pm, I should be able to finish my 3 portions. Wrong calculation! Although the fillings were measured; rolled into balls and packed in L&L container. I still had to carefully measure each dough; roll each 6gm dough; did a few; then roll again to put in filling; put it on the tray. Once the tray was filled, I sprinkled some parmesan cheese. Ooh! So sinful! To fill each tray took me 30minutes or more, that works out to 1min+ on each tart that you put in your mouth. I worked at a slower rate but I get nice tarts. No way was I going to ask KZ for her help coz' she did destroy an equivalent of 2 bottles last year. Can't risk it again this year.

I left home rather late in picking che-che up from school. By the time I reached home an hour later, I slaved for another 2 hours to finish all these 4 containers.

I had so many things that I wanted to bake for CNY goodies. But no time, ended up with the easiest recipe - coffee cookie. Keke!
I worked through the night, ending my shift at 3am (27th Jan)
I'm really tired. *yawns* and not baking anymore. As it is, everything I did this year is so late, I can't even find anymore time to bake.

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