Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting the hang of it

I'm getting the hang of this crazy routine for this year, and hopefully the next year (& slightly better) too and the next .....

This crazy routine means I can't go home for most days. I tried going back home once and realize I can't achieve much by being home for only 2 hours. With the "beautiful" tunnel-view both ways that always make me want to doze off, I'd rather stay where I am and mark their books; do my senseless surfing. Haiz! Who knows maybe sooner or later, I give up and go back home to spend my time. Not enough time also better than getting stuck in KFC, Macs, carparks. At least I get the consolation that I have my comfy bed to lie down for that one hour?? (must minus the time I take to clean the car interior).
I'm suppose to check out True Fitness for their package and haven't had the chance to talk to the consultant. Hmm... went once but staff not in. Got such thing meh? In Calif Fitness, you get poached until you turn sunny-side-up. Must get it done fast, can't procrastinate. Otherwise I'll end up looking like a penguin from all the heavy breakfasts. Argh! I need my exercise regime back!

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