Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Day of school

The day before, Arcia was still in denial over the fact that she was going over to a new school. So I gave her the task of bringing her school uniform out from her cupboard. KZ hang both MMI's and St. Hilda's school uniform side by side. I went in since I had to help her turn on the lights. She picked out the right uniform and hang it outside.

I wonder if she'll throw a fit the next day coz' knowing her strong-headed character.

Morning came, the girls were happy. Strange? Thought che-che didn't want school to start? Hmm... but she's curious to know who her new classmates would be and which class she'd be in. I'm curious too! Well you see, the girls would be streamed for the first 2 classes; the remaining 4 classes are random change.

Left home this early so that I can reccee the situation in che-che's school

Next, I brought mei-mei to school. But it was still early so I brought her for breakfast at Macs. That girl kept bugging me "mummy, can we go now?" "Mummy, my school open already?" Haha! This girl is really funny. First she's in denial and refuse to go. And who was the one who said "I'm only going to MMI!!" ?

In her school, many teary kids. In her class alone, alot of them cried. Some of them had that ripple effect, they were alright and then started crying. Wah... her teacher did look stressed!
My girl did me proud. She was so well-behaved and mature. I sent her a telepathy this morning.
Many parents hang around the class (mainly those kids who cried) , I did too! Teacher tried to shoo us away, so that kid don't see parent = don't cry. But I was reluctant to leave coz I wanted to snap worthy photos.... you know "her first kindy" etc... I didn't want to miss out anything and had to be there for my girl.

Mammarazzi in action. Next "MIA" assignment would be when she enters P1
School ended 2 hours later. I rewarded her for her behaviour. Well done, Aricia!
When we picked the girls up, the mommies are excited. I wonder if she'll be in the same class as her best friend, Maxine. We began questioning which class, turned out Athena is in the same class as Summer. And .........che-che gets her gift - Nintendo iXL afterall! I'm happy for her but it means she gotta work really hard coz' all the smart girls are in there.

Wow! I forgot there was another "first" for Aricia today. It's her first Berries class. I wasn't worried about her being overwhelm with 2 firsts and then end up crying. I have full confidence in her and again I sent her a telepathy.
She was really excited and asked if we were leaving home; if reaching soon; hurrying me. Haha! She is mature isn't she?
After her class. Look at her oversized bag. She fell!!

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