Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marble cake

Che-che love the marble cake from Delifrance.

During the recent school hols, we went there in the morning for breakfast. Only to be told that they don't sell that anymore. Che-che was really disappointed (close to tears), even the marble cake from Breadtalk won't satisfy her. I told myself that I will bake this for her one day and that day is today.

It's the first time I'm baking this cake. The process was really easy and fast. When it was in the oven, che-che was really happy and jumping around. " I can smell the cake! I can smell the cake!"

I like the varied swirls on the cake. That's why it's called marble cake
Initially I thought the chocolate part were alot (haha! I used the wrong bread loaf pan), so I scooped them into the cuppies holder.
We all couldn't wait to savour that cake. Well... it did smell nice right? When it did cool down, I had one small bit. And there was a weird aftertaste to it. It's that shortening yucky taste. It isn't that very buttery as I had hoped for (sinful!). For the guinea pigs they said it's nice except che-che was hoping for a more buttery taste, "but it's really nice mummy. I like it." Makes baking very satisfactory when you have people really appreciating your bakes.

I was puzzled as to why this recipe called for a shortening while others don't. I searched for an answer and extracted this from :

Shortening-type cakes contain shortening, margarine, or butter along with flour, eggs, a liquid, and a leavening agent, such as baking powder or soda. Shortening cakes are the basic white, yellow, chocolate, and pound cakes. A good shortening-type cake has:

  • An uniform shape.
  • A slightly rounded and smooth top.
  • A fine grained, velvety, even texture (not crumbly).
  • An evenly browned crust.
  • A tender crust.
  • A tender, slightly moist crumb.
  • A pleasant, sweet flavor.
成功 or 失败? It's 失败 but with a never-say-die attitude, I'm sure I will find a much better recipe. Jiayou!

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