Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Miss Copycat

24th July - Saturday
My lil' girl surprised us by telling us she wanted to "cut my hair like che-che". She always look up to her sister, remember? And I became the more emotionally unstable one, kept asking her "are you sure? are you sure?" Hoping that she'd change her mind. Though I like girls with short hair for easy maintenance, I can't bear for her to cut her mopping tress.

When we went into the shop, she hesitated. I was so happy and thought "good! she's changing her mind." She said " I dowan to sit there, I want to sit on daddy's lap."
thescubasite.com As the guy snipped she was smiling, laughing and admiring herself in the mirror. she was happy............... .....and so we thought. For the next few days she kept grumbling to us about her hair "it's not like this! I dowan this!" Not that she was regretting her decision (I mean, what can I do to help her. Hair extension??) But she was grumbling, "I want to look like che-che. Like che-che hair!!" sobbing in between her grumbles. Only then did we realise she wanted it to be as short as che-che's hair-length.

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