Sunday, July 25, 2010

Athena is a month older

Stepped into the house, the kids screamed for me. "Maameeee................" so endearing. And I really do miss them.

They couldn't wait to cut the cake. Hurried daddy to quickly sit down so that they can sing a birthday song. Hands clapping enthusiastically; birthday song sang 4 times (english, chinese, Christian, malay). *eyes crossed*

Argh! The cake tilted to one side during transportation. Never mind, it's my topsy turvy cake
Mei-mei enjoying her cake. Turned out she had a little cake and licked up the chocolate ganache.
Che-che was enjoying her cake, asked for a 2nd piece. Then when she heard me commenting about the coffee buttercream, she suddenly declared "I don't like coffee... ee.... I don't like to eat this cake." So hurtful!

You're a month older today

and it'll only make me love you ever more

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