Thursday, July 22, 2010

For che-che and her friends

Che-che complained to me that her classmates had been snitching her food (and she's too giving to reject them) during recess. I told her it's because her food are cute and hard to resist.

Anyway, this mother can only do it when she feels like it. Can't do it everyday (want my precious longer sleep) *oink oink*

Last night decided that I should bento for her this morning. And also 4 other friends (btw, they're not the ones who snitched food from her). Stocked up on Vitagen, bread and ham. Luckily, I had those plastic container (but only left with 5, so can't do more) at home. Printed out names in the night.

This morning, I jumped out of bed at 5.15am and started preparing.

Just a simple snack and it took me so long. Can't imagine how those mothers can do a nice キャラ弁 (kyraben), it puts me to shame. Considering that I had packed the vitagen in Hello Kitty bags the night before, washed the butterhead lettuce (for decos) - hope the kids don't take it raw.
Packed and ready for the kids
For my big precious girl, Athena. Haha! Hers is the pet treatment "I love you Athena"
As che-che lugged the bag out of the house,she complained "it's heavy". Well, she should be thankful I didn't make her carry the cold bag with the cold stick. I packed the vitagens that had to be kept chilled in a plastic bag together with the cold stick.

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