Saturday, May 5, 2018

Exam period

Exam period + exhaustion = sick

Exam period x2 : Secondary kid gets to come back early on some days when she finishes her paper for the day. So it’s drive to M.Parade to pick her; come back home; go back M.Parade again. This coming week the man is travelling again, so it means I gotta send them to school in the morning, back and back and back. Oh great! Tuition day before the paper so ... I gotta send Che-Che for tuition n then struggle with a 不三不四时间. Can’t finish housework. 

I’m very tired. No help. Why is my life so 苦 😢? Should have insisted on hiring back a domestic helper right? It’s not doing any good for my body. And when I fall sick, nobody even cares about my life and death. 


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