Saturday, May 19, 2018


It’s not easy planning a detailed intensive revision schedule for lil’ one for June holidays. Everytime I look at the calendar and the things she needs to cover for each subjects, I get so fused up and end up doing something else instead. for example —- THIS! I’m blogging instead.
You might think “it’s easy what, just plan. What’s so difficult?”
Yes, indeed it looked easy as I printed out the calendar and list down the things she needs to revise. That’s just the easiest part - REALLY!

A few factors to consider.
1) She needs to be back in school for supplementary classes (3x)
2) TLL - her science tuition centre organised additional (2x)
3) Student Leadership Camp - for the school leaders? (2x) haven't received anything from school yet
4) Her on-going tuitions

I tried not to have any holiday PSLE booster though I think many others are stepping up signing for courses for the last minute dash to PSLE. I'm doing the opposite, I used to like to sign them up for classes during the school hols but now every seconds; minutes is so precious to me. 
BUT my dear girl insisted to be signed up for Booster class for Chinese.  I'm like “chinese is your forte. What the heck you’re going for chinese? Go for other subjects lah!”

It’s like plan also must do right?  Cannot plan then cannot finish, keep pushing back. Which happens all the time!! So all the planned work to be covered have to be realistic. Is she able to cover 100 pages of work when she had already spent half the day in school? Not possible. 

真是的!我迫不期待 PSLE is over and done with.

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