Thursday, December 14, 2017


I feel there’s a misconception that flight crew knows how to pack clothes better since they’re used to living their lives out of suitcase. It was easy to pack then. Why? Because I was only packing for myself. But now I find that my luggage is usually heavy and packed EX-SIN.

So, I was told about layering. Packing means layering. I mean, isn't that what I do since 1995? But some people may refer layering as layering with thin clothes which I'm not risking my life or my childrens' lives just for this or for vanity. Anyway, my tops are relatively thin except for 2 which I had to buy in Winter Time (local winter wear shop). Those thin ones are bought overseas, can you believe if I told you that I am still wearing the thin wool tops I have since flying days? It keeps me warm and though I've put on pounds, I'm glad it still fits. Hee! As for the girls, their merino tops are purchased in Winter Time coz' they grow up quickly esp che-che. Also, when you're with a tour group - there's no time. When we're not with tour group, we're in China and the designs are ...@@... So, what do they mean by layering? Layering with 2 thermals and then wear 1 summer top? Isn't that more clothes than what I pack?
When it comes to clothings, I'm very simple when it comes to travelling. I've seen friends who go on fashion show, exposed legs, short skirts etc.. When I asked them if they're cold, they said yes. There's a dialect phrase to this "ai gnia mai mia".  And perhaps to some, travelling means eat eat shop shop, so they're able to 'hide out'?. For us, we're the sightseeing type so we can be out the whole day. Warmth and comfort is very important to me. 
I was told about using mini bottles toiletries. I do that since 1995. When my toiletries bag is small and nice coz' I only have my stuffs. I was told that rolling clothes is the best. I do that since 2000. But it's difficult to roll when it's winter clothings coz I vacuumn pack them in. Will explain this later.

And so why is our (our as in the luggage bag for the 3 girls. The man always carry his own luggage) bag always so heavy?? Just a day before departure, hubby tried carrying the luggage and said it's too heavy and told me to load off stuffs. What the? What can I load off?
I packed for each person:
1) 1 thermal set
2) 1 coat
3) 3 sweaters
4) 2 pants -one waterproof n one non-waterproof. (Final packing - 1 waterproof pant)
5) 2 home clothes
6) 2 home shorts
7) disposable panties and 2 bras (Final packing - 3 panties and 2 bras)
8) 2 pair of socks, 1 pair of winter thick sock
9)  Misc : First aid / medicine box + herbal sachets + toiletries + umbrellas + mini torchlight + heatpads + folded plastic bags + thermal flask (which I did use twice when temp was cold and I needed a hot 葛根汤 throughout the day) . My luggage has almost everything that we need and hubby always ask me if got plastic bag. When raining, umbrellas don't just appear out of nowhere. When sick, I have medicines on hand - although some will claim that they can go to the pharmacist if they need.)
For clothings, this is considered very little for a 16-day trip coz' regardless of winter or summer, I do laundry overseas. Wash socks and undergarments every night. I wash home clothes and shorts (which is also our sleeping attire considering that we're only back in the night) every 3 days. Then of course if we're travelling F&E, we can always drop by laundromat. I know some travellers don't even do laundry overseas, they bring everything back to Singapore. So they pack alot of clothes for fashion show and extra shoes... but I believe if they combine whole family's possessions into one bag, they definitely do not carry any other things except their clothings and shoes. But if they have one bag each person, maybe.. maybe they're able to pack other misc stuffs? 
When I look into hubby's luggage, he packed more clothings but why is his bag not overweight?? Or in the case of our travel companion this time, they had one bag the same size as mine (the one I put mine and the girls stuffs) and another small bag for 2 person. We are really packing very little and using only 2 bags is considered 'light travellers'.  
Just out of Singapore, my bag exceeded the 23kg limit by 2kg, but the staff said she'll close her eyes for this time. And I get the snub from hubby "told you already' which pissed me off. His bag weighs 12kg with his clothings; adaptors; toiletries and a small kettle. By right we have 3 pax's possession in our bag, which means each person's load is less than 8kg coz I have alot more misc stuffs with me. His luggage bag is 2 or 3cm shorter than ours, he definitely has space inside while ours is packed to the brim. For winter holiday, I am considered a light traveller.

The disadvantage of combining our stuffs into one bag is organising it. Since flying days, I've always organised my packing into bags. As for vacumn packing, I've only done in recent years before I quit. That's because I had to pack in my textbooks and cassette tapes into my luggage as well. 
With the girls' clothings, I spend my time each night while they shower to take out their undergarments and home clothes to wear. At the same time, hang up the clothes for the next day, pack up the day's clothes. Gotta struggle with the vacumn bags while everyone else are lazying around after their shower. Haiz! 
Each of us should have our own bags right? But then it means I'll have to help them pack their bags too!! Duh! Best is to travel alone! I'm looking forward to this... I really need a holiday on my own. I miss Amsterdam; Switzerland; London; Germany. I've never been to Sweden or Norway or Denmark or Canada... dreaming .....  

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