Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hate lizzie

Usually when I see any intruder, I'd make sure it's killed n vacuumed up. 
However what happened barely an hour ago... I'm having regrets now. saw a big lizzie in the yard. No way I can walk past that disgusting lizzie to the vacuum. So I splashed cold water on it. It hid behind my laundry stand n I made a run for the vacuum. After some time, I tried to vacuum it up n also left the louvre window open so it can make its escape. Stupidly stayed in my house! And guess what, while I had to open the door to the yard to try to vacuum it up in an awkward position, it ran into the kitchen. Sprayed peppermint oil on kitchen floor. Had no idea where it ran to. Then it came out coz of the overbearing smell. It ran to the other side. Now I hv no idea where it is, all I did was to quickly smear some oil on our bedroom doorway so it won't come into the rooms. My hand feels hot from the oil. My heart ❤️ beating fast. Can't believe this. I screamed twice cuz it ran towards me n nobody woke up!! 
I should hv left it alone huh? Now the yard area is in a mess. 2 laundry stands in haphazard position, signs of a battlefield. Meanwhile, I shall retreat to the room n ..... hopefully the man picks them up tomorrow. 

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