Wednesday, November 8, 2017

On This Day ...

One of the feature in FB I like is "On This Day" where FB prompts you on what happened years ago. It certainly reminds me - the forgetful person - of things my girls' did; of things I encountered and was swearing at. I should make an effort to jot this down here in my blog.

So....... On THIS DAY

8th Nov 2015
She attended a friend's party at a Dance Studio. She had so much fun. And while waiting and in between chatting with parents, sometimes I fiddle with my phone. So, I sat there and was reading ON THIS DAY - which happens to be a 2014 entry and I had a good laugh over it.
Then while the parents gathered to watch the activities the kids were doing, one father came up to me "Hi! So where's the Otah girl?" Oh my! No wonder I found him familiar but just can't recall whose father is that. 

8th Nov 2014
I wrote :
The lil one....................
The bd girl mom brought Delifrance snack and gave the kids, my girl asked for chicken wings. Mom burst out laughing and commented "one girl asked for chicken wings." I thought it was funny, walked out of the kitchen then realized it was my girl who asked for it earlier on. *embarrassing*
Then after all the experiments, makan again. BD girl mom took otah to heat up and girl daringly asked if she had non-spicy ones. While waiting for the otah, she asked her "how come your house dustbin is so small?" (she was pointing to the chute) "You know my house one is very big and can step step." *too inquisitive*
After some time she ran off to play, otah ready. Mom shouted out "can you please call that otah girl to come?" and laughed. After that, girl walked in/out of the kitchen. Everyone asked her how many she ate. So funny! The last one she commented loudly "I eat 6 already. I am so FULL!!"
Sigh............that's my not shy girl..... 

8th Nov 2012 @ 9.44pm
Che-che wanted to do HMT next year, told her teacher and when she came back with the form she told me. But I decided to opt her out. She was rather disappointed and insisted.
Told her my reason, wouldn't want her to stay back additional day to make her days packed. But if she gets to do Maths Olympiad again then I'll let her go. She did seem a little happy after that.

COmments : Susanna : Hah! At least she is motivated to want to do HMT... I wouldn't dare dream for my girl to attempt. Her normal chinese seems bad already.
My reply : Her chinese results also like sequel to Battlestar Galatica. Up down up down. Yah! guess should be thankful she's motivated lor!

8th Nov 2012 @ 11.24am
Oh my! The girls have alot of toys. I've clearned once before, today cleared only 2 cabinets in their room. Rushed like crazy to pack them up n now zooming to mom's place. Found some new toys. Ehh..... still have places to clear. Toys - alot! Clothes - alot! Stationeries - alot! Space in house - limited.
After that would be clearing their clothes, my bakewares. Tons of things to do but bot enough time. I want to do my own things!! Sigh.........

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