Friday, February 3, 2017


There's so many things I'd love to bake (though it seems like everyone in the family seems to cut down on desserts recently. Don't ask me why. Maybe everybody is getting conscious of their health??). 

I've been wanting to do nicely icing-decorated cookies; cake pops; fondant cake; lovely varied flavoured cupcakes; decorated brownies etc.. I've got so many books in the storeroom waiting for me to flip through and start using the recipes. I've got muffin trays; eclair trays all waiting for me. BUT I never seem to be able to find the time to bake. Why? In the daytime when the girls are in school, I spend my time cleaning the house. OCD me needs to have the house clean and neat. Even when I do decide to heck housework and start baking, I'll never ever finish baking in that 5hrs. Perhaps if it's something easy and no need decoration, perhaps that's achievable? But then my top priority will be the house cleanliness.  

When SIL asked me if I baked pineapple tarts this year, I told her I can't find the time. The previous year when I did, I had to bake halfway; keep the rest of the dough then continued late at night (that was a long interval in between). 

It's the satisfaction any avid baker will tell you that ...sometimes it's really hard to control and they do get moody if they can't bake. 

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