Friday, February 3, 2017

They are so different

I'm reminded just how different my two girls are.

School - related
Big one : Will be like in Lala-Land like that. She'll forget to pass me any notices / forms from teachers. She'll not write down homeworks in journal and sometimes forget what homework/s she needs to do. She'll take some time to think through because I don't like my girls to go to school without doing any homework/s
Lil' one : Very alert. Will shout and tell me what homework/s she has for the day. And then try to shove the consent forms into my face when I'm driving. Needless to say, she's the more responsible one. 

Big one : Needs alot of nudging that I do get really angry with her. I die already also must come out of coffin to remind her to do something. She gets her work done after lots of scolding.
Lil' one : She reminds me things that requires my checking / acknowledgement etc.. She's very automatic.

During our holiday in Shenzhen, we bused back to our hotel from an attraction. The girls sat together and I told them how many stops away we are to our destination. Somehow I napped in the bus, for maybe 10mins? I woke up and then muttered "where are we now?" Lil' one responded "6 more bus stops" and I noticed she has her fingers either stretched or bent to a number. She's the one who is very attentive. Her sister? Just waiting for us to tell her where she needs to alight. 

God created them so differently. 

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