Sunday, January 29, 2017

Plants for Lunar New Year 2017

Shopping for festival items
26th - 27th day : Shopping for festival items.
Honestly I've been shopping for these quite late this year; so decorations were up really late too (and had to be done in progression coz' I can't manage to do everything myself)

Goodies - Didn't get much this year as we always end up junking the food away. As I'm typing this, we're still struggling to eat that 4 bottles of goodies at home.

Festive plants were purchased on 25th Jan, the 28th day of the last lunar month. I shouldn't leave things to last minute. I thought that half hour to 45 mins should be sufficient but I was so wrong. Really! In my haste, I bought what I thought was orange is actually lime. I had a mismatch pair of Celosia pot. Sigh..... Fortunately they were able to have the plants delivered the next day, so I managed to do some arrangement before leaving the house to pick lil' one up. 

The balcony gate - coz it seems like all my visitors like to enter my house by this way. They forgot I have a main door?? 

I love the colours of these flowers. Remind me of the lovely pansies I love

Peach blossom!

So beautiful...................

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