Monday, April 23, 2012

Flying into UAE / Saudi Arabia

I forgot to post this draft out which was left inside for 2 months. *gasp*

During the LJ trip, at the mosque, I asked the guide to highlight to the class about the Mecca direction in hotel rooms' ceiling.
In the car, I started recollecting the flights I did during Ramadan period. Most times they were insignificant as it was a small group of passengers fasting. Then again, when came to them (esp ladies) we couldn't assume they were not eating right (get complaints from pax otherwise)so had to politely ask them. Thankfully, they were polite in their replies.

One significant flight where I flew into Saudi Arabia. Only a small number ate, and when I realized that I'll have problem sticking DND(Do Not Disturb) stickers (I'll run short of stickers in no time) So I sticker stickers on those who ate. Smart right? And helped in packing up some biscuits and dates for those who didn't eat. And gave out to them. Well....problem was landing time was dusk time. Didn't want them to go hungry .... But hey! That's what made SQ girls different from other airlines right?
And there was another flight when all passengers came to ask us the direction. Oh my! The flight route do change leh! Nonetheless we helped them, but too bad lor .. If they prayer and suddenly changed direction. We had passengers standing at all doors praying. Thank goodness, we had tolerant non-muslims pax sitting at the emergency exits pardon them for laying down their mats and praying. It was quite .. messy!

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