Thursday, April 5, 2012

Late in updates

Pardon me for this lacking update. In the first place, i think nobody follows my blog now.
Been really busy (with the kids) and it'll only get more busier in 3 months time when I'm helper-less.
Though relief that I'll have one person less to take care of, the responsibility has been lifted off from me - but I'm laden with extras other domestic responsibilities. I know I will survive, I know we all have to adapt to changes. But I'm not sure whether I'll survive through the next 5 months. Yah, my main worry now is for this year. It will be better once the lil' one starts P1.
I asked KZ quite some time back, she said she would want to go back home. I never asked her anymore, so a month back I bought her her tickets. And her response was "so fast?" What did she mean by that? Fast as in my efficiency or fast as in - she was hoping I'd ask again and she gets to stay longer? In my point of view I found it pointless to keep her if her 'heart wasn't here anymore' it'll only give her the impression that she's indispensable and her attitude would only get worse. Don't get me wrong, on the whole she's still isn't as bad as other helpers. But I noticed some slack jobs here and there.

The girls will have to learn to be independent. I'm not sure if I'll order tingkat. Sometimes I want to be the 贤妻良母 and the goody wife and cook. But .... time wasted and only if my girl can be left to do work unsupervised, I'll gladly do so.

I think so far, the lil' one is more enthusiastic about the whole thing. She volunteers to wash the dishes, sweep the floor, mop the floor, wash clothes. She has helped 1 or 2 of her plastic plates before. And .... I have to dry the cabinet exterior and floor after her. More jobs for me!! And I can't fault her or discourage her.

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