Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Learning Journey to Kg Glam

The girls went on a Learning Journey to Kampong Glam. I was the Parent Volunteer for her class and I must say I really did enjoy myself too. I've learnt alot in this trip coz' as typical Singaporean I wouldn't venture what's in my country and rather go into the mosques of other countries. *rolls eyes* Don't you think it's rather embarrass as a Singaporean to not know about my own country.

The girls left in the morning. So I went into the school at 8.30am. As a parent volunteer I'm there to help take care of the other children - not solely on my child. It's also the time for me to get to know who che-che's new classmates are. The girls are really an angelic lot - well behaved and polite.

Che-che really likes it when I'm in her school helping out. And she's ahem.... proud that her mother is there. (I'm like her trophy)
Girls gathered around

Glam trees

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