Sunday, September 1, 2019


Finally bought her her first tennis racket from Royal Sporting House in NEX.

The Federer Pro 105 has a lightweight frame designed for fast, aggressive strokes and outstanding maneuverability. Weighing only 9.7 oz. (275.0 g) This extra long racket allows players to reach more balls and hit the net faster. Its Midplus head provides more tolerance and control. The Federer Pro 105 is an effective transition racket for up and coming tennis players more consistency.

WRT5661 Federer Pro 105 for $127.20, marked down from $159. It's the cheapest racket there I guess but it's good for her since she's still a beginner. 
Tennis lessons? Hmm..... problematic finding the suitable time. Lil' one refuses to learn tennis, wanted to learn badminton. And if I sign up one child for sports class; I'll have to be fair right? So there goes the problem of finding a suitable time with both tennis and badminton running classes at the same time in the same venue. Meanwhile, it'll be us playing our lousy tennis game.    

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