Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Finally! After 6 long years, she finally got what she wanted. Got no big fish, small prawn also can lah! 

Sometime in Week 2 or 3, she came back telling me she was voted as Science Monitor by her classmates. I was curious and asked why didn't she volunteer (still subject to votes) for Class Monitor and she pouted her lips and reminded me about what her FT told her (didn't hand up homework in P4 - ?!?!?!). Click here for blog entry. She didn't want to try but friends nudge her to volunteer. So she was up with one girl, who lost the votes. 
Anyway, this was a pleasant surprise as I've kind of resign to fate that maybe my two girls just don't have that leadership quality. Though last year I was told by che-che's teacher that she was given a chance to take charge the class for Book and Music Week, which she did very well. (Ohh....though not a major KPO role but it's encouraging to know that my "hate to bask in the limelight' girl was ready to take up the challenge    

Student Leader Induction was on 26th Jan (Term 1 Week 4). She came back home all so excited. But I didn't ask her what they did - think must be some brainwash thingy to make them responsible and good leaders. 

She carried out her duties well. And once ..... she reminded teacher about homework (read my linked blog carefully) recently, only to have one prefect (honestly I dunno how this girl was selected to be a prefect) faulting her for reminding teacher. Teacher overheard and told prefect OFF. Yay! 

Fast forward to Term 1 Week 8 : I almost forgot about her being a monitor. I'm just so used to her being a kapo girl since P1 helping teachers, forgot that she is now officially a KPO girl. She told me on Tuesday (20th Feb) that she has to wear blouse and had to pack her PE attire into her schoolbag. "Why? Photo-taking?" "It's Prefect Investiture and Installation of Monitors tomorrow, mummy!" Aiyah, also never get invited to school. If not, I would bring my zoom lens and DSLR. 

The Prefects' Investiture and Installation of Monitors Ceremony was held today - 21st Feb. She came into the car with her badge pinned on her pinafore.

Of course, I need this Mammarazzi moment. And this badge will be part of her school uniform keepsake when she leaves primary school. At least now in her last year with the school, she has something memorable to keep.  

Congratulations my lil' nottie girl. I'm proud that you've finally come this far in your journey in primary school. Do your best in your duties.

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